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About Biuco

Zhengzhou biuco children products Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of baby car safety seat integrating R&D, production, OEM and sales. We are a subsidiary of Yutong Group, which is a large enterprise group with bus as its core business, construction machinery, auto parts, real estate as its strategic business and other investment businesses. With the core concept of “Beginning with customer needs, finally customer satisfaction, dedication to professionalism, and pursuit of excellence”, we always adhere to the development of automotive child safety devices, and constantly strengthen cooperation with well-known companies in the industry of world to enhance products quality, improve product features, and integrate with the international market. At present, our company has been OEM and ODM supplier of some international famous brands such as Chicco, Dorel and KinderKraft. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit, guide and negotiate OEM and ODM cooperation. We guarantee high quality, low price, short delivery time and perfect after-sales service. Let us take care of each child's travel safety with integrity, strength and product quality.                                                                                          

     About Yutong Group

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yutong Bus”) is a large-scale modern manufacturing company specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of bus products. Its main plant is located in Zhengzhou Yutong Industrial Park, Zhengzhou, Henan province, which covers an area of 1.12 million square meters. The daily capacity of Yutong Bus has reached over 400 buses. 

Yutong bus has obtained the European Union WVTA vehicle certificationhas, and realized a sizable sales volume in over 30 countries and regions such as France, UK, Australia, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia,and so on.(for more details please refer to  http://en.yutong.com/)        

 About Biuco Workshop    

Injection: Semi-automation is a norm in BIUCO. In plastic part production,from the first step feeding to the last step transporting, automation can be found everywhere.Digital feeding system provides accuracy and robotic arm brings efficiency.
Double-layer belt conveyor: Reduce scratches on plastic surface and provide one-stop inspection possibility.
Injection molding system:High-precision injection molding system can control the product error within 1 gram.
Central feeding system: Enclosed system isolates impurities and moisture.2018080242709309.jpg

Controlling system by Mitsubishi: The Controlling accuracy reaches 0.01mm with a higher material utilization.
Linear rail by HIWIN : Considering the material, loading accuracy and cutting accuracy
Ring blade with extra height design : BIUCO's sponge cutter is capable of dealing with 1-meter-high laminated fabric layers.

From the  line to  fixture tools,  BIUCO's assembling  line is completely customized  . 
Automatic transport system:Rhythmic and automatic, the assembling lineis capable of doing 3 tasks maximum serially or parallel.
Customized fixture tools : The spinning plate and metal fixture is specially designed to improve the efficiency in assembling.


Packing Line: Automation even extended to packaging in BIUCO.From folding boxes to palletizing, most of steps are done by machines and the robot.Sealing machine.Loaded with finished products, the box is sealed by automatic sealing machine and transfered to the next step.
Folding machine: The unfold box is folded and bottom-sealed by the folding machine and move to the next step on the conveyor.
Palletizing robot : Well sealed goods are palletized by the robotic arm. The pallet moves to the edge of the conveyor and transfered by a forklift.2018080242725873.jpg