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Parents use baby car seat to reduce accidental mortality better protect children

Parents use baby car seat  to reduce accidental mortality better protect children.

The holidays, many parents with children to relax at the same time, but also relax the child's security precautions. Every year the holidays are high incidence of child safety accidents, and now with China every year tens of millions of car growth, the problem of children riding can not be ignored. According to the statistics of the relevant departments, the rational use of children's car safety seats, can significantly reduce the child's mortality in traffic accidents.

Many parents think that children can hold their own in the vehicle, and do not know, adult head about 6% of the total weight of the body, 3-year-old children and 6-year-old children's head weight were 18% and 16% Of the head weight is equivalent to half of its body weight, and its neck muscles and ligaments are very fragile, if encountered emergency braking, the neck will be a fatal impact, may cause neck break.

Data show that when the car to 40 kilometers per hour speed, if the sudden emergency braking, then 5.5 kg of baby can produce the forward momentum can be as high as 110 kg. It is clear that scientific methods must be used to ensure the safety of children. The correct approach is to arrange a special child car safety seat in the rear seat and to ensure smooth driving as much as possible.

Children's car safety seats are seat belts fixed, LATCH fixed and ISOFIX fixed three fixed way, which ISOFIX is an international universal car safety seat interface, is also the most secure fixed way. For the safety of children, the ISOFIX interface to consider the car factors, but also parents need to do. Xiaobian for the following simple statistics of a 80,000 -15 million range of some mainstream models ISOFIX interface installation.

With ISOFIX: 2010 Mazda 3 Pentium B50, Volkswagen Sunny, Yaris, Golf 6, the new Corucci, 2010 Octavia, crystal sharp.

Do not have ISOFIX: Elantra, Civic, 2010 models Yue move, the new Fit, Furui Di, the new Excelle, Fox, the new carnival sedan, Tiida, Li Wei, Sega, Corolla, the new Elysee, Corolla, the new Bora, 2010 Jetta.

Of course, this is only part of the many car models, and the same car can also be different batches of differences, so Xiaobian here to remind you, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please everyone in the car and buy a safety seat , Must be accurate to implement their own car car seat safety type, to efficiently and correctly install the child safety seat. With children's safety seats, please choose to protect the higher safety of better children's safety seats, Bei Ouke for love and born, because love line, is the best choice.

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