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Second-hand baby car seat as far as possible do not use the hidden dangers

Second-hand baby car seat as far as possible do not use the hidden dangers.

Recently Xiaobian on the Internet to see a lot of information on second-hand children's car safety seats. Some parents are to resell, which is the vast majority of children's safety seats because the baby does not like the seat, idle at home; some feel that the new child safety seat a little expensive, and that the use of such items is relatively long, Simply buy a second-hand, both to protect the baby safe, not so expensive Is the second-hand child car safety seat really safe?

On the small series of individuals, often see the purchase of second-hand children's car seat security information will be in the following earnestly discouraged everyone, but no one was said to be businessmen want to earn black money. However, second-hand children's car safety seats do exist there are many hidden dangers, the following let Xiaobian for everyone one by one detailed description:

Hidden one: the quality can not be guaranteed. A child's safety seat, unless it is a professional or with a special testing equipment, it is difficult for ordinary people to see whether the structure of this seat deformation, the existence of cracks inside, a second-hand seat may look completely no problem But is it in the same way? We can not guarantee, it is difficult to identify. In addition, theoretically speaking, the longest life of a child's safety seat is ten years, more than this year can not be used in any case.

Hidden two: there is a health threat. Many parents want to buy the description of the useful life within a year, most of the products sold online also meet this requirement. However, even if this seat is no problem, if the child had been infected during the use of a disease, and this bacteria and remain in the child's safety seat, would not it be a threat to the health of their own baby?

Hidden three: aftermarket difficult to implement. Such as An Bao baby manufacturers, are with the child safety seat to provide a insurance, life-long maintenance and emergency services, but for a turned child safety seats, invoices, manual loss, or Is the user and the purchase of information filled in the inconsistent will lead to the user can not enjoy these after-sales service. Moreover, if it is cross-regional purchase, if the damage in the transport process, who will bear the loss? In addition some seats may be put into use after the detection of the problem, for such products manufacturers will be recalled. Parents who buy second-hand child safety seats can not make claims. Lost life security, such a child safety seat, can not be called "safe."

From the above three points we can see that the purchase of second-hand children's car seat there are many hidden dangers, for the safety of the children, it is recommended that you still buy a new child safety seat! And to buy safety protection for higher child safety seats, the shellfish soft armor child safety seat is the best choice.

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