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About baby car seat ISOFIX interface DIY experience to share

About baby car seat ISOFIX interface DIY experience to share.

Recently, the Bei Keke child safety seat Xiaobian in many sites to see friends to share their own hands-on installation ISOFIX experience sharing. Some owners in the car when there is no baby, so there is no child car safety seat to take into account, wait until the need to use when found no, and many 4S shop is not no accessories is the cost is too high, had to DIY DIY. On the children's car seat safety ISOFIX interface DIY, many people still have all kinds of doubts, Xiao Bian will answer this one.

Q: Why should I install ISOFIX?

A: At present, children's car safety seats have LATCH, ISOFIX and seat belts three fixed ways, including ISOFIX international universal child safety seat interface, high security, installation is also the most convenient, so the general choice to install ISOFIX interface.

Q: Can I install the ISOFIX interface myself? DIY is their own safe?

A: Yes. In general, the car will be installed with ISOFIX interface where the fixed principle and the original car on the same fixed measures, so the security can be guaranteed. But the riders in the hands of the best choice of their original accessories, including ISOFIX anchor and fixed screws, so as to ensure that it can be combined with the car and solid.

Q: The body does not have the ISOFIX original position of the hole, you can also install it?

A: Yes, but it will be more trouble, because the seat from the tank near the close, you need to easily damage the fuel tank, so the best way to remove the fuel tank before drilling. If this is the case, it is recommended to find experienced master to do, their hands will be more difficult to deal with.

Q: DIY DIY installation ISOFIX interface which steps?

A: 1. Check the vehicle interface reservation;

2. Purchase interface bracket, guide slot and other accessories;

3. Prepare lighting, wrenches and other tools;

4. Install ISOFIX bracket;

5. Installed on a car seat;

6. Install the child's safety seat

Above is the child car seat safety ISOFIX interface precautions, want to DIY DIY car faithful to learn it quickly. At present, this business in the Auto Parts City and 4S shop are almost no, if the ability to do their own is not very assured riders, you can buy their own accessories, and then pay professionals in the operation, only to pay a working hours on it The But it is recommended to buy children's safety seats or manufacturers made with regular manufacturers, shellfish soft armor child safety seat is a good choice.

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