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Can the Infant Carrier bring the plane?

Can the Infant Carrier bring the plane?

Baby baskets can usually take the plane. But not all airlines offer a "baby cradle" service, if not, you can put the baby basket-style car seat with the machine, so if the airplane can put the basket on the seat, the seat belt , The baby sleep in the inside comfortable, do not have to hold. If there is no space, you can let the flight attendants help arrange the first row of the position, so that the baby basket seat can be a spacious position to place. The specific circumstances can also call the airline's telephone consultation detailed consultation. Note: take off and landing can pick up the baby, this time need to the crew to a baby's harness in the mother's seat belt, so as not to bump when the unsafe.

Infant Carrier tips

1, 15 months of the baby to use the car seat to reverse installation, that is, back to the direction of installation, only the direction of the back to the baby's back close to the car seat can break the momentum to achieve the purpose of protection.

2, can not throw a baby in the basket regardless.

3, from time to time, parents need to check the basket to see if there is no broken, the surface off or parts loose signs.

4, before the baby has not grown to 9 kg, carrying a baby basket out more light, once his weight gain, the baby with the basket, my mother can not hold the two hands carry 10 minutes, so this time or the basket It is better to use safety seat for a ride.

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