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Infant Carrier can be used for several months?

Infant Carrier can be used for several months?

Baby basket can be used baby 15 months old look. The baby basket is suitable for use from birth to 15 months or so, with a body weight of 13 kilograms of baby born. Some baby baskets can also be used in conjunction with the baby trolley, both to protect the baby ride safe and comfortable and practical, can be described as multiple purposes.

Do you need to buy Infant Carrier?

If the family is conditional, and there are private cars, baby basket is still very necessary to buy. If there are plans to two children, baby basket can also give the second child, so it is definitely value for money. The biggest advantage of using the baby basket is also the safety of the baby when the car, because the mother holding the baby ride is actually quite dangerous, in the event of a traffic accident, the baby will be squeezed by adult body, or easily from the seat belt Fly out in the gap. Some babies with safety baskets are made up of two parts, a portable basket and a base. The base is tightly fixed in the rear seat of the car, and then the basket on the base. This method makes the baby with a very safe car, but also easy to get on and off, carrying away.

3 safety basket tips

1) 15 months under the use of the car to the car seat to reverse installation, that is, back to the direction of installation, only the direction of the back to the baby's back close to the car seat can break the momentum to achieve the purpose of protection.

2) can not throw a baby in the basket regardless of the body.

3) From time to time, parents need to check the basket to see if there is no broken, the surface off or parts loose signs.

4) before the baby has not grown to 9 kg, carrying a baby basket to go out more light, once his weight gain, the baby with the basket, the mother can not hold the two hands carry 10 minutes, so this time or the basket It is better to use safety seat for a ride.

4 baby basket selection guide

1) baby basket with separate and integral two. The separate baby safety basket itself does not have a corresponding fixture, it is fixed through a chassis in the car seat; and the overall baby safety basket can be fixed directly with the car seat together.

2) In addition, the chassis should be considered a solid cradle, because it is not easy to flip, but also consider the baby lying in the cradle can have a more open field of vision. Seat parts of the best choice of those strong, easy to clean the fabric, soft flannel fabric, built-in large mesh sandwich breathable mats can be, but also choose strong, adjustable strap.

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