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About Nissan Loulan baby car seat how to buy and install the profile

About Nissan Loulan baby car seat how to buy and install the profile.

Different from the previous SUV models, Loulan sports car streamlined design to break the majority of SUV models of the traditional hard lines. As a large SUV models, Loulan's appearance size reached 4860 × 1885 × 1730mm, the overall length than the Highlander, run the design so that it is much lower than the opponent, so it looks not bloated, but to give A feeling of a running forward. The new Loulan configuration of the high, fine workmanship, space, and its comfort control the other owners greatly appreciated. So for this performance so superior SUV, how to choose to match the children's car safety seats?

 First, Nissan Loulan children car safety seat interface

Nissan Loulan has two sets of European standard ISOFIX child safety seat interface, ISOFIX interface on both sides of the seat under the back of the seat, the seat will have a clear ISOFIX logo, sitting in the middle of the metal hook is hidden in the ISOFIX interface.

Second, Nissan Loulan children car safety seat installation

Nissan Loulan support two kinds of child seat fixation method: the first is the seat belt fixed; the second is ISOFIX interface fixed (usually with a seat belt to use), ISOFIX interface installation significantly to children's seat installation quickly and simply, Rigid connection will be safer. Part of the domestic children under the age of 1 basket-style child seat without a fixed base that is no ISOFIX interface, the general use of seat belt fixed way.

Third, Nissan Loulan related security configuration

ABS + EBD, TCS traction control system, VDC body stability control, HSA uphill support, ARP anti-roll function, TPMS, anti-roll, anti-roll, anti-roll, anti- Tire pressure monitoring, engine electronic anti-theft, car interior control locks, remote control keys, etc., has been considered very rich. In addition, the new equipment is equipped with DAS intelligent fatigue driving detection system, CTA reversing vehicle side early warning system, BSW variable road blind warning system and MOD moving object / pedestrian detection and early warning system and other active safety technology.

Fourth, Nissan Loulan children seat purchase notes

1, according to the child height and weight selection, age is not the only standard.

2, choose to meet the 3C certification, ECE certification and other authoritative certification brand.

3, the age span of small security seats, comfortable and more secure.

4, compared to the safety of the overall work outside the seat and fabric comfort.

5, with the car seat interface can not forget.

Above is the Babe children's safety seat Xiao Bian on the new Nissan Loulan children's car seat to buy the need to pay attention to the introduction of the matter, you need to use the riders! But choose children's safety seats Please choose Yutong Beike soft armor child safety seat.

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