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Manufacturers introduce Cadillac ATS-L with what kind of baby car seat good?

Manufacturers introduce Cadillac ATS-L with what kind of baby car seat good?

Cadillac ATS-L has its own family of typical diamond cutting design, the front face of a simple black with a chrome-plated decoration fashion without publicity, the middle of the highly recognizable logo will be the perfect combination of classic and modern. Tail lines and double discharge design so that the car looks domineering. It is its proud of the power, control, appearance and cost-effective to win the medium-sized car users in the first word of mouth, for such a versatile Cadillac ATS-L, should be equipped with what kind of child safety seats?

First, Cadillac ATS-L safety performance

The Cadillac ATS uses a "control and warning" safety system that uses a range of advanced technologies such as radar, visual systems and ultrasonic sensors to avoid vehicle collisions. These safety features help to enhance the driver's vision and improve the risk of road ahead, and early warning. Cadillac advanced collision avoidance system, such as automatic braking function, without the driver involved, the system will be based on dangerous information may occur automatically activated.

One of the most advanced features is the active front and rear brake system, mainly rely on short-range radar technology and ultrasonic sensors, the use of step-by-step warning, and finally to achieve complete braking to help the driver to avoid low-speed collision before and after.

Other optional advanced safety features include: full speed range of cruise control system, intelligent brake assist system, front collision warning system, automatic brake warning, lane departure warning system, side blind zone warning system, with a dynamic guide of the rearview mirror , Can automatically adjust the front lighting system, ramp control mode / slope start auxiliary system.

The Cadillac ATS also features a range of other safety configurations, including standard 8 airbags (optional 10), seat belt pretensioners, load limiters, StabiliTrak electronic body stabilization system with traction control, and four-channel ABS Four - wheel disc brake for anti - lock braking system.

Second, Cadillac ATS-L child safety seat interface

Cadillac ATS-L comes standard with LATCH child safety seat interface, compatible with ISOFIX interface, that is, a seat with three fixed anchor. ISOFIX interface is located in the seat back and cushion in the seam, you need to reach out to find, LATCH top anchor in the headrest above, it is easy to find.

Third, Cadillac ATS-L child safety seat recommended

Because this Cadillac is perfectly compatible with all types of child safety seats, so we mainly recommend you choose ISOFIX hard interface child safety seats. Po was suitable for the super Variety of the king, security baby 360 security guards, Maike suitable pria70, good boy capsule, are good choice of car faithful.

Above is the Babe children's safety seats Xiaobian introduced about the Cadillac ATS-L with what children's safety seats all the good content, treasure father mother who quickly learn it! Children's safety seats choose to choose Yutong Beiouke soft armor child safety seat.

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