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Biuco teaches you how to avoid interference with the selection of babycar seat

Becuke teaches you how to identify your baby car seat without interference from your ad, hoping to help you buy a baby car seat.

In order to protect the child's safety, now more and more parents choose to buy a baby safety seat for the baby. But now a large number of domestic and foreign product categories, marketing is also varied, dazzling. So, as a parent in the end should be how to interfere with the ad for the baby to choose a most suitable child car safety seat? Bedouke child safety seat Xiao Bian summed up the wisdom of countless users, for everyone to share those who come from the experience.

The first step: clear demand

Clear demand is easy to say, it is not so simple to do it. Many parents were asked to ask what the sales staff, flew off, and not to buy a child seat that is also engaged in such trouble. This is not strange people sales staff, to know for children's safety seats, but there are a lot of stress. So before the purchase, parents to determine what factors?

1. baby's weight, height and age. Because the growth and development of different babies are not the same, so the weight should prevail, height, age, supplemented by

2. Car of the child's safety seat type. Generally compatible with LATCH, ISOFIX two interfaces, only ISOFIX interface and no interface of these three cases.

3. Acceptable value range. It is reasonable to say that the safety of the baby to spend more money does not matter, but the economic situation of different families is not the same. So that the conditions are good, you can choose to import products, conditions in general, choose a quality clearance of domestic products is enough.

The second step: careful comparison

Clear their own needs, I believe we choose a relatively wide range of a lot of precision. Then then we need to do is in these products to do a comparison. There are several aspects of this comparison:

Certification: China has a unified 3C quality certification, there is no 3C certification of domestic brands do not buy In addition, because 3C is not particularly perfect, it is recommended to refer to the EU ECER44 / 04 standard. The standard is E1 (Germany) and E4 (the Netherlands) certification is better. If it is a German brand, it is best to pass ADAC certified.

Fixed way: Generally speaking, a single fixed way, ISOFIX the highest security, LATCH second, seat belt is more common, but the combination of words should be LATCH + ISOFIX the most secure. Another child safety seat (baby safe basket can not consider this point) comes with the body care device, five-point fixed to better than three-point fixed.

Fabric: the choice of flame retardant fabric safety seats the best, skin-friendly breath, but also at a critical time to delay the fire on the baby's injury.

Skeleton: The seat of the injection molding process is solid, so it is better than the blow molding process. Also pay attention to the comments of online buyers to see the seat of the plastic there is no smell, if there is a smell can not be selected.

Word of mouth: Although the ad can not see, but the brand's reputation or to pay attention. In contrast, of course, is to choose a more mature technology to have a good brand. On the contrary, if a brand although the moment fashion, but there are many negative feedback, it should be carefully chosen.

Step 3: Communicate the service

In determining a good product after more than with the sales staff to communicate to see how their attitude to the service. Also pay attention to their courier services and after-sales protection policy, so as not to buy a defective product can not be returned.

Above is the Babe children's safety seat Xiao Bian carefully finishing children's car safety seat to buy experience, treasure father mothers who quickly used up for the baby to choose a suitable child safety seat it! Bayco Soft Armor Children's Safety Seat is worth choosing.

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