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Biuco introduces the installation position of different types for baby car seat

Biuco recently found that there are different opinions for the installation position. Some say middle area is the most suitable, some think side-installation is the safest, some say copilot place is unfeasible. In fact, on the one hand the above mentioned are all reasonable, after all, the installation position of baby car seat should vary according to the car type. Today we will introduce different installation positions for different car types.

 1.   the driver's rear seat is optimum

Generally, for a 5-seat car or SUV, the safest way is to put the baby car seat in the rear seat, followed by copilot seats. This principle also applies to the 7- seat SUV/MPV, and some drivers often turned up the third row seats to expand space, in this way put the baby car seats in the second row is safer and more convenient

 2.    row’s two side is optimum.

There are some exceptions, for some 7 seat SUV, it only has ISOFIX and LATCH two kinds of baby car seat interface in the third row’s two side seats, conversely the second row has no. The advantage of having two interfaces is that the owner can choose to combine the top soft LATCH with the hard ISOFIX, and double fixing is safer. If both second and third rows have interfaces,  the former is more suitable.

 3.  the middle seat is the best.

 Normally, we don't recommend install the baby car seat in the middle, because the position has no interface and is a two point seat belt. If the car has no interface and the middle seat is three point seat belt, this position will be the best choice. Or the rear seat all have an interface and three point seat belts, then the middle position is priority. However, if the middle position is three point, and has no interface, and the two sides have an interface, then the driver's back seat is optimum.

4.   the copilot is allowed.

If there is no airbag in the copilot position, this seat is also permitted to install the child safety seat. But in the driving, the right side has the largest dead zone, and it is the most dangerous. So this installation position is the last choice for the car which has no other installation place and has no airbag in its copilot seat.

The above is our introduction. And in your installation, you can follow these four ways. Only the right installation way can protect the babies from the damage, and provide the safety protection. For the safer, the Buico SAM is your optional.

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