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For infant carrier, why cannot the baby lie down?

About the infant carrier, lying or inclining, which is safer?

Many parents is doubted when they buy an infant carrier: why infant carrier is not flat? Which is more comfortable for a baby to sit in it and sleep in it? In fact, when engineers are designing, they have taken all of these factors into account.

1.    Why the infant carrier is not flat?

If it is flat, when the vehicle is involved in a collision, the impact force will mainly damage baby's head and neck, maybe it will lead to suffocation. Therefore, because of safety factor, erecting or  inclining, the back will spread out impact force from vehicle, under which it is safer and more reliable.

2.    Is it comfortable for baby to sit instead of lie?

You can find when the mom holds the baby, they are usually with one hand high and the other low. With the baby growing, a right sitting position really important. And the infant carrier is designed by the comfortable coefficient. On the contrary, in the case of lying flat, because of the bumps in the driving, the baby will feel uncomfortable and backache.

3.    The most comfortable gradient of the infant carrier

In general, the tilt angle of infant carrier is large, about 135-170 degrees, and for the baby whose weight is greater than 13 kg baby, the gradient of the infant carrier is not greater than 140 degrees. Many baby car seats support multi-angle adjustment, and parents can choose a suitable angle for him according to the baby.

In conclusion, the inclining infant carrier is safer and more comfortable. You should choose one suitable for your baby, and Biuco infant carrier exports worldwide which is your satisfying safety guard.

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