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Recently, there was a report on the research data of China Children's road safety Blue Book (2016). In eight cities, including Beijing, Qingdao, Dalian, according to a survey of baby car seat ownership of 41.10% on average, the use frequency of 80.91% on average, corresponding the baby car seat overall utilization rate of 33.26%.

Objectively speaking, compared with the data of the past few years, the popularity of children's safety seats has risen, which also reflects the general progress of driver safety awareness. But in proportion, the figure is not high, especially in developed countries with more mature car cultures.

A common sense is that safety seats are of vital importance to children's safety. The seat belts on ordinary cars are not designed for children. Only equipped with special safety seat, can provide protection effectively. Security seats can reduce the fatality rate of children in a car accident by 70 percent.

For the majority of car owners, since the ability of using private cars, hundreds of or thousands of baby car seat price is not enough to form the economic threshold. In the case of obvious effects, the penetration rate of child safety seats is still not satisfactory, and maybe the concept is ignored.

For quite a few young people in our country, it is often the first time to own a private car. Once you're a parent, you probably don't have enough parenting experience. The two "first" often create insufficient awareness of potential risks. At the same time, most people have not experienced the experience of a serious car accident.

The problem is that the road is so fast that it can't be safe for a long time. Moreover, in the face of potential risks, numerical probabilities have little practical significance for individuals. Once an accident happens, it is 100 percent irreparable.

It is necessary to call and advocate the safety awareness of parents. However, from the higher level, it is necessary to guide the concept and behavior through the formation of laws and regulations. It is as if driving a car must use a seat belt, drinking drunk and not driving, now can become general common sense and habitual action, cannot leave the function of the system.

At present, China has introduced relevant local laws and regulations in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shandong provinces, and put forward compulsory provisions on the use of children's safe seats. On this basis, we also expect similar regulations to be implemented in a wider range of areas, and to form a national uniform standard, supplemented by strict implementation.

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