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Cadillac ATS -l has their family typical diamond cutting design, the former China wear face concise black chrome plated adornment fashion and not make public, middle identification badge will be classic and modern perfect fusion. At the end of the line and double discharge design to make the car look militantly proclaim. It with its proud of power, control, appearance and performance to win the reputation first, users in the midsize cars for such a mighty Cadillac ATS -l, should with what kind of baby car seat?1.     Cadillac ATS - L security performance

Cadillac ATS adopts "control and warning" security system, application of a series of advanced technology such as radar, visual system and ultrasonic sensor to avoid vehicle collision. These safety performance will help improving driver's field of vision and know about the risks of road, and early warning in advance. Cadillac advanced anti-collision system, such as automatic brake function, without driver intervention, the system will according to the possibility of dangerous message and automatically activated.

2.     Cadillac ATS - L child safety seat interface

Cadillac ATS -l solely with LATCH child safety seat interface, compatible with ISOFIX interface, that is, a seat has three anchor points. ISOFIX interface is located in the seat cushion of the chair, need everybody to stretch out his hand to find, the top anchor LATCH is above the head, it's easy to find.

3.      Cadillac ATS - L child safety seat is recommended

Because this Cadillac can perfectly compatible with all types of child safety seats, so we recommend a choice of ISOFIX hard interface child safety seats. Treasure to be super king changed, Ann baby 360 security guards, Michael pria70, good baby capsule, is a good choice for drivers.

The above is our introduction. And YUTONG BIUCO baby car seat is your first choice. For your baby, for your future, YUTONG BIUCO protect your baby.

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