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YUTONG Strive for the Car Passenger Safety

As early as 2005, YUTONG bus travel began to focus on children safety, the first independent research and development in the domestic first generation of the school bus, silently with love and responsibility to care for the healthy growth of children, and with the support of the government led to develop China's school bus standard, the current annual production above 10000, as China has made a tremendous contribution to the development of the cause of the school bus. So, YUTONG do baby car seat is natural, is the continuation of care for children ride safety, seemingly unrelated, auto industry ecosystem is YUTONG layout of inspiration, YUTONG is after the school bus, car, new energy bus and a major strategic layout.

Was established in October 2015, YUTONG group of Zhengzhou BIUCO and children's products co., LTD., although it into the children safety seat industry is late, but its give full play to its own advantage, by the standards of the production of passenger cars to review the manufacturing process of child safety seats and the introduction of robot (trimming, scraping, packaging) and semi-automatic production lines, invested heavily in line with international standards, the child safety seat and set up a new materials research laboratory, the current collision lab and mold processing center, is also planning to fill a gap in time and technical aspects of precipitation.

According to industry insiders, YUTONG children safety seat will be in Beijing in May 2017 the international road transport, urban public transport vehicles and parts exhibition with YUTONG bus new club, also its debut for the first time in domestic.

At present YUTONG family has a car sale, offline channels has been fully launched market merchants, online channels through the Jingdong, Tmall mainstream electric business platform to open the official flagship store, recently will launch 100 child safety seat of 45 days' free trial activities, "and don't know whether bring unexpected surprises to consumers?

Whether in the near future, YUTONG BIUCO might become a dark horse in the industry, leading the development of child safety seats and we will see.

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