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New the V5 as medium-term change models, there is no radical changes in the overall modeling, only in the details have been adjusted, the details of the adjustment made new V5 from appearance look fashionable and delicate. Its interior decoration process, power output, and control performance all performed well, but the space performance is slightly insufficient, but its new configuration is more abundant, the price is friendly to the people, still be loved by the general car friends. For parents with children, baby car seat are essential. Today, the children's safety seat of the child is to say how to choose a new V5 car seat.

1. New China V children's car safety seat interface

The new China V comes with two sets of ISOFIX interfaces, and the ISOFIX interface is located on the back of the seat on both sides of the car door. It is easy to find the ISOFIX, and the general motors will have the ISOFIX identification. New China V5 supports ISOFIX+ seat belt, and seat belt fixed in two fixed ways.

2, new China V5 children car safety seat installation

Generally speaking, safety seat belt fixed children's car seat operation is more complicated and error-prone. ISOFIX rigid connection not only eliminates the complexity of installation operation, but also greatly improves security. The installation requires only two fixed interfaces reserved by the ISOFIX interface between the seat back and the seat cushion. Only two clicks can be made to complete the installation correctly. In this case, the children's safety seat should be installed in the co-pilot position. In case of emergency, the air bag will not only protect the child but also cause serious injury to the child.

3. New Chinese V5 children's car safety seat selection

Children's car safety seats can be used with the new China V5. Baby angel is suitable for children aged 0-18 months (0-13kg), 360 safe guard for children aged 0-4 years (0-18kg), and A504 is suitable for children aged 3-12 (15-36kg). The baby has a lot of seats to meet the needs of children of different ages.

4. Other relevant configuration of new China V5

Configuration of science and technology is a new V5 added amount, the most important part of new tire pressure monitoring, smart phones, interconnected system, reversing image, cruise control, believe that friends interested in V5 will very happy, configuration of science and technology promotion price is decreased at the same time, the ratio of ascension makes it relatively more worthy of.

Security configuration, all new V5 is equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, the braking force distribution, brake assist, seat belt has not been presented, car central lock system, engine electronic anti-theft, standard security configuration is so rich, intelligence is faultless.

The above is the introduction to the new Chinese V5 children's car safety seat selection, which can be used for reference! Children's safety seats are recommended for use of the safe seat for children with soft armor.

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