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MERCEDES GLC is a high-end car, Mercedes Benz as the second generation of midsize SUV, GLC not only change the traditional method of naming also reshape the midsize SUV on design standards, in terms of appearance and power have obvious change. The Mercedes GLC model has become sleek and smooth, with more luxurious interior decoration, as well as higher overall configuration and technology. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the selection of the MERCEDES GLC baby car seat.

1. MERCEDES GLC children's car safety seat interface

Mercedes GLC is equipped with two sets of all ISOFIX child car safety seat interface, its location is located in the back on both sides of the seat back below, only need to insert the ISOFIX rigid connection interface when installation of the chair and seat cushion corner of reserved two fixed interface, just clicking two, can correctly complete the installation.

2. MERCEDES GLC child safety seat installation location

Generally speaking, when you choose a child safety seat with the appropriate interface, it is usually installed in the back of the car door near the side door. Because the seat in the middle is usually two points fixed, and generally do not have the interface, so do not recommend installing in the middle. Is important to note that absolutely do not install the child safety seat in the co-pilot position, or when the car hit, pop-up airbags might harm the baby, but also the safety of the co-pilot position itself is lower, so the child car seat is not suitable for installation.

3. MERCEDES GLC child safety seat selection

The safety seat of the children's car can be used with Mercedes GLC. Baby angel is suitable for children aged 0-18 months (0-13kg), 360 safe guard for children aged 0-4 years (0-18kg), and A504 is suitable for children aged 3-12 (15-36kg). The baby has a lot of seats to meet the needs of children of different ages.

4. MERCEDES GLC related security performance

GLC safety assistant system is very comprehensive, equipped with enhanced collision, side wind auxiliary system, auxiliary system headlamps auxiliary system, attention, pre collision warning system security system with cross traffic auxiliary function, enhanced dynamic parking brake assist system, auxiliary system, blind spot monitoring system, etc. The driver can also use the head-up display system and panoramic imaging system to better understand the driving conditions.

The above is the introduction to the selection of the children's safety seat of the Mercedes GLC, which can be used for reference by the car owners who need it. MERCEDES GLC installation using child safety seat recommended using YUTONG BIUCO soft armor child safety seat.



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