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The PRADO, which is based on the success of Toyota's production and sales of the company's original kirstown passenger cars, is now Toyota's domestic production line. The success of overbearing is the cooperation crystallization of faw and Toyota. For TOYOTA PRADO 's children's baby car seat interface, make a brief introduction.

1. What is the safety seat interface of TOYOTA PRADO

TOYOTA PRADO, give full consideration to the children's car safety, all cars are equipped with complete child bus protection measures, such as child safety locks, safety belt height adjustment, children's car safety seat ISOFIX fixtures, central lock the window and clamp, and Windows, etc. Rear seats left and right sides is a ISOFIX device, that can hold gm and general types of child seats, ensure child safety seat can be fixed on the seat correctly, so as to reduce the risk of children were injured in the crash.

2. How to install the safety seat of TOYOTA PRADO children's car

Because TOYOTA PRADO is with ISOFIX interface, ISOFIX fixed way of installation is very simple, as long as the children's car seats ISOFIX interface reserved seats on the mouth, in them is ok, this way of installation general owners see instructions can easily complete in a few minutes. The installation is simple, the rigid link strength is high not easy to loosen. If you purchase the seat without any interface also all right, then use the on-board three-point seatbelt can be fixed, the fixed way of the key is to use a seat belt safety seat fixed seat this process. To secure the safety seat of a child's car, the seat belt must be tightened slowly through the seat, especially the seat belt. This kind of fixed mode is generality, but the step is a little bit cumbersome and unpacking trouble.

3. How to choose the safety seat of TOYOTA PRADO children's car

It is recommended that the owner of the TOYOTA PRADO choose the safety seat BC710B for the safety of children's car seats, and the safety and higher grade protection.


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