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Big Wallace X5 is ZHONGTAI automobile spending a huge sum of money to build a new SUV brand, refined modeling fashion, modern luxurious interiors, configuration, technology rich, powerful environmental protection, the quality is superior, is a high cost performance products. On August 3, 2017, a new version of the X5 upgrade will be officially launched, with 13 models, including five and seven, which can be matched by consumers according to their actual needs. So what kind of baby car seat interface for the big mike X5?

1.     Big X5 bright spot

Upgrade listed on the new big X5 window, is equipped with a remote control system, whether it's an Android or IOS, all smart phones are available through their own "big Michael steward" APP on big upgrade for Wallace X5 vehicles start-stop, remote switch air conditioning, remote padlock car unlock, remind, a key rescue control, etc. Another big, X5 panoramic sunroof is provided by the world's top vaster, which is homologous with AUDI Q5. The area is three times the common skylight, can bring better light and vision to the consumer.

2.     The safety configuration of the X5

Big Wallace X5 standard on the in front of the dual airbags, ABS + EBD, remote control keys, car central lock, such as general configuration, its configuration is with xenon headlamps, auto headlights, automatic induction wiper, keyless back into the system, one key start, image and configuration such as automatic constant temperature air conditioning is very rich, combined with the price also has the very strong competitiveness.

3.     The safety seat interface of children's car

Big Wallace X5 all vehicle standard on two groups of children ISOFIX Ann whole car seat interface, ISOFIX below the interface is located in the back seat in the back of a chair, seat will have obvious logo, hid metal hook is somehow cushion ISOFIX interface. The ISOFIX interface makes the installation of children's car seat fast and simple, rigid connection and safe.

4.    The installation mode of safety seat for children's car

There are two kinds of children safety seat fixation methods and combination fixation methods: the first one is seat belt fixation. The second is the ISOFIX interface (back and seat). There are usually fixed methods: 1 (individual child seats, for example, a child's chair without a pedestal without an ISOFIX interface), 1+ 2, which is used by ISOFIX.

The above is the introduction to the safety seat interface of the children's car, and the car owner can use it. It is recommended that owners use child safety seats for child safety seats.

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