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Shanghai gm announced the introduction of the Chevrolet CAPTIVA in an imported fashion, and introduced the Chinese name " KOPACI". The move announced Shanghai general motors' move into the mid-range SUV market, which is the largest and fastest-growing segment of the SUV market in China.

1. Basic configuration

The CHEVROLET KOPACI has a wide, flexible seven-person seat selection. The second, three-row seat belt a touch folding function, and the second row 4/6 divided folding seat, can realize the flexible combination of 6 different bearing Spaces. Eight to electric adjustment and bring two to manual waist of driver seat effectively relieve the tiredness of the long distance driving, reasonable design of 18 convenient store object space ride take put all kinds of items, and fine peach wood, leather upholstery and great audio playback system, let the CHEVROLET KOPACI in "chivalrous frame of mind is filled with" tenderness ", "makes driving hiking enjoy in comfort and contentment. CHEVROLET KOPACI family's leading "all roads" features from Chevrolet SUV technology: a 3.2 -liter V6 high performance aluminum the strong power of the engine or a 2.4 -liter inline four-cylinder engine low speed high torque, surging power continuously, ensure vehicle on any road surface has always strong momentum.

2. Baby Car Seat interface

Belt installation, the installation is commonly low-end models use, in order to reduce costs without special consider installation interface, and the use of seat belts installation baby safety seat is usually cheaper, better generality, almost all vehicles can be installed, install up more troublesome, and relatively difficult, not a fixed firmly.

ISOFIX interface installation, installation method is generally used to high-end models, models in the European countries generally in this way, by two rigid fixed point, is in the car design is considered when customers to install the baby car seat, in car rear seats are specially used to install the baby safety seat installation, install the baby seat is more convenient, installed directly to the corresponding point is good, installation fast, good fixity.

The LATCH interface is installed in almost the same manner as the ISOFIX interface. The difference is that the LATCH is the universal installation of American models, and the fixed point is three. Children's safety seats are chosen for the safe seat of baby's soft armor.

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