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Since the CAMRY was founded in 1982, a new car owner has chosen CAMRY every minute on average. 31 years ago, the CAMRY is a leading, win the trust of the world's 16 million owners of, become a truly global advanced car of the return of the king -- GUANGZHOU Toyota CAMRY car no matter from which point of view, the CAMRY is a perfect product. So what kind of interface does this car have for baby car seat?

1.    Does a Toyota CAMRY have an ISOFIX interface

Camry with ISOFIX interface installation, up and down by two rigid fixed point, is in the car design is considered when customers to install the baby car seat, in car rear seats are specially used to install the baby safety seat installation, install the baby seat is more convenient, installed directly to the corresponding point is good, installation fast, good fixity.

2.     Toyota CAMRY's strengths and weaknesses

Advantage: the appearance of the atmosphere. People see people love, humanized function, such as a variety of control on the steering wheel and cruise control. Electric chair, air conditioning effect is very good, sound effect is satisfied, and the dashboard of a deep and remote blue atmosphere feel good!! Shading shade is very practical to improve the taste! Large lamp cleaning is also more practical, the acceleration performance is excellent, oil consumption can also.

Disadvantages: in the case of idle speed noisy outside the car, engine jitter severe, rearview mirror antiglare finish effect is not good, mechanical hydraulic power steering in the car at the same level is relatively backward, poor handling. Children's safety seats are protected by the BIUCO soft armor child safety seat.

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