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With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of motor vehicles is increasing gradually. In cars and bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, pedestrians and other constitute the increasingly complex road traffic environment, to travel, especially children travel is fraught with danger. The domestic has the mandatory conditions of baby car seat use.

Traffic accident is the first cause of child injury.

Experts have revealed that in our country, many children are killed and disabled by road traffic accidents every year, which causes many families to suffer. In the road traffic accident involving children, the main mode of transportation for children's death is walking and motor vehicle. The main mode of transportation for children injured is to take a motor vehicle and walk. In the road traffic accidents involving motor vehicles, the main mode of transportation for the casualties of children is to ride a motorcycle and take a minibus.

Experts say that the main cause of road traffic injuries in our children is the overall low level of traffic participants and law-abiding consciousness. There are hidden dangers in vehicle safety performance and lack of safety facilities in road supporting facilities; The atmosphere of the whole society common emphasis on children's traffic safety has not yet formed, no unified and standard of the nation's children's traffic safety education compulsory courses, children's traffic safety education around the lack of long-term effective cooperation.

The survey found that the use of child safety seats in China's second-tier cities was less than 14 percent, while the national rate was lower.

Experts believe that China's compulsory use of children's occupant restraint system is already available; The compulsory use of the child occupant restraint system specification is suitable for the traffic safety management related laws and regulations.

"At present, the private car ownership in our country is large, the proportion of children taking rides is high, and the base of potential risk groups is increasing. Mandatory the use of child occupant restraint system abroad experience has shown that children's occupant restraint system can effectively protect children ride safety, reduce child rides casualty rate significantly, but the occupant restraint system for children function understanding is not enough, need to pass legislation to guide people's cognition. "Said pan.

Experts put forward further, China's child safety seat synchronize with the mainstream national research and development capabilities, manufacturing capacity, the world's leading can meet the mandatory use of child safety seats, the rapid growth of the market demand of legislation to enforce the use of child safety seat, not the appearance of product is in short supply. Domestic car family, have borne child safety seat capacity of the economy, the parents of children's security awareness is gradually improving, with accept mandatory the use of child occupant restraint system environment.

We will establish a multi-cooperation mechanism to strengthen comprehensive intervention

Child injury is a social public health problem that seriously threatens the life and health of children in China. Preventing and controlling child injury is a serious challenge to children's protection. Therefore, the prevention and control of child injury including road traffic injuries has become an important issue for the healthy growth of children in China.

Experts attending the meeting, child injury prevention and control work is a comprehensive, multi-level social system engineering, not only is a problem in the field of health, education, public security, transportation, urban construction, food supplies safety, human resources and social security, civil affairs, federation, and other departments, involved in the community, school, family and children themselves and so on multiple levels.

For this, need to establish a government-led, multi-sectoral cooperation, social organizations and individual citizens to participate in guiding diverse cooperation mechanism, professional force, need through legislative and administrative management, publicity and education and other measures to strengthen comprehensive intervention. On the one hand, we should improve the awareness of the safety of children in the whole society, especially the policy-makers, and change the attitude of the public. On the other hand, renovate environmental facilities and road safety facilities, provide safe products and supplies, and jointly forge a healthy, safe and friendly environment for children to grow up.

In addition, to effectively prevent the happening of the children of road traffic accidents, the world health organization (who) put forward ten children's traffic safety strategy, including speed control, reduce the drunken driving, wearing a helmet, use the car child restraint system, etc. The child safety seat is chosen for the child safety seat of the BIUCO.

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