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Seat belt fixed way is the most common in baby car seat fixed way, more than 70% of child safety seats are directly through the fixed seat belts, because this is not to choose models, any brand, any style car basically can easily manage. However, compared with ISOFIX or LATCH fixation, seat belts are relatively complicated and troublesome, and many parents do not know how to use safety to secure car seats for children. Let's take the safety seat of baby child as an example and give you an introduction.

First of all, the pre-installation preparation is critical. Prepare the instruction manual for the child safety seat. If there is a video installation, it will be better. Depending on the baby's age and weight, determine whether the seat is positive or backward, and then place the seat in the back seat of the car and start to fasten it with a seat belt.

The key to this fixation is the process of securing a child's car seat to a seat with a seat belt. Want to child safety seats are fixed in place, you must first understand the name of each part and the role of child safety seats, when installation will be safe through the seat insert car seat belt card buckle belts in the card slot, tidy up the seat belt when you wear your seat belt, flip folded don't happen. Then slowly tighten up, especially tightening the seat belt that runs through the child's safety seat. After tightening to shake a few times hard, generally fixed firmly rear seat front and rear displacement distance is not too big, not more than 3cm. It takes about 15 minutes for beginners to install a child safety seat for the first time. It is recommended that you allow the salesperson to carefully teach you how to use and install it when you buy it. Because different brands of different types of seats are installed with certain differences.

In the direction of the installation, the baby basket must be reverse-mounted. It is best to use reverse installation if the child is under 4 years old, and the forward installation is required after age 4. The advantages of this type of installation are good versatility, as long as a three-point seatbelt can be installed. Disadvantages: it is easy to remove the clothes repeatedly. The child safety seat of the child is a reminder that the safety seat of the seat belt must be better than the installation instruction manual or children's safety seat installed video.

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