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JAGUAR F-FACE has an "amazing" look, especially one that is full of energy and is nicknamed "the face killer". Besides, it has a very good dynamic configuration, although the face of an SUV, it is the heart of a sports car. So how do you pick the right baby car seat for this JAGUAR F-FACE?

1. JAGUAR F-FACE children's car seat interface

Children with ISOFIX car seat interface, support two children's car seats fixed method and combination method of fixed: seat belt fixed (individual children's chair and shopping basket type babies under one year of age children's car seats no base namely ISOFIX interface), seat belt + ISOFIX

2. JAGUAR F-FACE children's car seat installation method

The installation of ISOFIX is very simple, as long as the ISOFIX interface of the child safety seat is pointed at the reserved mouth of the seat, insert it, and finally the support of the support rod is completed. The safety seat of this kind of interface can be completed in 10 minutes, which can be done easily by yourself.

Want to remind everyone here, some ISOFIX interface is no guide groove, so install child car seat time is long, in the presence of fold or peel of the joint may be phenomenon, sparing the car drivers need to pay attention to.

3. Safety performance of jaguar f-pace

Apart from the fact that it will be available to new land rover, the f-pace is the only midsize SUV currently in use in aluminium. The body architecture is also applied to both XE and XF. The whole body is more than 80 percent aluminum, with only four doors and the rear half of the car as steel. The company said the structure was convenient for different wheelbase and length of the car, and that the f-pace was 300 kilograms lighter than the smaller SUV of the same class.

The car has a wheelbase of 2874mm, between XE and XF, and is closer to the mid-size SUV than the midsize SUV. Due to the precise material delivery, the weight distribution of the front and rear axle of the body is nearly 50 percent, which is beneficial to the control. The tail gate adopts composite material, so it can support the use of inductive hand ring key.

Unique technical sense is brought by hand ring key. The 20-metre water-resistant device, which works with the j-letter on the JAGUAR's logo on the rear door, waived the owner's problem of carrying keys when he was playing sports. The original car key was broken when the key was locked, and the thief could not start the car with it. The child safety seat is chosen by the BIUCO children's safety seat, the brand of YUTONG group.

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