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Since its debut, CHEETAH CS10 has been enjoyed by many car friends, and the car friends have summed up the advantages of this car - affordable, practical, safe and practical. Such a cost-effective SUV, how can it not be exciting? So, what is the knowledge of the baby car seat maintenance of CHEETAH CS10?

In order to ensure the safety of the children in the road, more and more owners began to assemble children's car seats in the car. Children's car seats are designed for children of different weight and age to travel by car, which is to ensure the safety of children. Here are the daily maintenance methods for children's car seats.

1. Take off the outer cover of the car seat of the child, and wash it naturally after washing with laundry detergent or baby clothes cleaner. Please do not use machine wash or rub vigorously.

2. The plastic part of the children's car seat is lightly cleaned with a wet cloth.

3. If the children's car seats are damaged, they should be repaired in a timely manner, or they may be easily taken seriously by children.

4. If the seat is idle, place the child safety seat in a dry place and avoid breeding bacteria.

5. When reinstalling the seat, check carefully whether the installation is correct and firm.

6. Children's safety seats should be replaced in time after the collision.

And the children can't use the car seat belt, because it is designed for adult standard, if used for baby, seat belts may get stuck on the baby's neck, when the accident harm to baby. So parents should choose a suitable child car seat for their children to escort the health and safety of the baby. The child safety seat is chosen for the child safety seat of the Biuco.

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