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China best Infant baby car Seat of 2017

China best Infant baby car seat of 2017.

By now you probably know you’ll need a car seat before you can take your baby anywhere—including home from the hospital. But with so many car seat models, and so much pressure to pick the safest ride for your little one, figuring out which one to choose can be overwhelming.

Types of car seats

First, let us reassure you. Every new car seat on the market right now must meet government safety regulations. So spending less money doesn’t mean your car seat will be less safe. However, more expensive car seats will get you extras like bigger canopies, easier installation and potentially some additional safety features not currently required by law.

There are three types of car seats that offer varying benefits and are appropriate for different stages of your child’s life. Although the car seat laws vary by state, infants across the country are required to be in rear-facing seats, while toddlers can be in either rear or front-facing seats as long as they meet the height and weight requirements. And in most states, older children must ride in a booster seat. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Infant Car Seats

Used from newborn until your baby reaches the seat’s height or weight limit (usually 22 to 35 pounds), these seats always face the rear of the car. When your little one outgrows the infant car seat, you’ll have to purchase a convertible or other front-facing car seat designed to accommodate toddlers.

Convertible Car Seats

These seats transform from rear-facing seats for babies and toddlers to forward-facing seats for older children. Typically, the forward-facing position can hold children who are up to 65 pounds.

Booster Car Seats

These seats bridge the gap between the time your child needs a car seat to when he can start using the regular, adult-sized seat belt. They help children sit higher up so your car’s regular lap and shoulder belt cross your child’s body at the correct points and hold him securely. Boosters are geared for kids at least four years of age and at least 40 pounds.

How to Choose a Car Seat

Here are some things to consider as you’re selecting a car seat model:

Buying Used?

Used car seats might be damaged and may not be up to snuff when it comes to current safety regulations. If you do end of up selecting a used car seat, get it from someone you trust; also be sure to look up the seat’s expiration date and research if that particular model has ever been recalled.

Fitting With Your Car

Make sure the car seat fits well in your car, or in multiple cars if you’ll be switching the seat in and out of different vehicles. Every car seat is different- and some just fit better in larger or in smaller cars. For convenience’s sake, you might also consider purchasing additional car seats bases for other primary caregivers, such as your partner, nanny or mother-in-law. Installing and reinstalling a car seat base gets old, real fast.

Convertible vs. Infant

While it seems that purchasing a convertible car seat would be the most efficient, there is a distinct advantage to also using an infant car seat. You let your sleeping baby—you know, the one that always dozes off in the car—stay asleep. Instead of having to unbuckle and lift her out of the seat to leave the car (and ruining that perfectly peaceful nap), you simply lift the infant car seat from its base and can either snap it onto a stroller or just use the car seat as cozy resting spot if you’re heading inside to visit friends or family.

If you have more questions, check out our guide on How to Choose a Car Seat.

If you do decide to purchase an infant car seat, then you’ll probably want to make sure your car seat and stroller are compatible.

You might select your stroller model first and then choose a car seat made by the same brand. (A stroller and car seat that come as a set is called a travel system. Take a look at our picks for the Best Travel Systems for more details on how to choose a travel system.)

But if there’s a car seat you absolutely love that differs from your stroller, check if a separate adapter is available to still fit the items together.

How We Chose Our Best Picks

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most, now that their little one has arrived. We took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight. Here are the top infant car seats we think you and your baby will love.