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BIUCO whose spirit is ‘from love for love’, our brand-new product BT808 is our high-end baby stroller, which is fitting seamlessly with our BIUCO infant carrier.

High-landscape stroller for baby loves seeing you.

Your baby will love it when you bend over to talk to him and kiss him. And having a parent-facing stroller means you’ll be able to see the delight on his little face when you give him attention. 

Your first treasured gift

In your treasured parenthood, it’s nice to have something to hang on to. When you go for a walk in the park, you can stand next to him, and help him discover the world at his own pace.

Get every mileage for your smile

Choose the right stroller and get ready for some fun adventure. Whether you’re going wandering in the woods, walking in the countryside, or you just need to negotiate some bumpy pavements, a good big-wheel stroller will ensure your baby enjoys a comfortable ride.

BIUCO BT808 baby stroller with car seat, discovers the world from your first step. 

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