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Now it is obvious that we have entered the automobile age, and we should also consider the safety of transportation when the economy is developing rapidly. Especially families with children, child safety seat is absolutely cannot little, parents in choosing a child safety seat can feel very confused, don't know where to start, because the present domestic is not popular, so parents need to focus on baby car seat which a few questions?

1. Which of the seatbelt and ISOFIX depends on the spectrum?

Both are installed in different ways, and the common purpose is to fix children's safety seats. Major difference may be installed in the parents, will feel ISOFIX is more simple, in addition, the ISOFIX must be used in cars with ISOFIX anchor point, while the seat belt can be used to have three point seat belt.

2. How to distinguish the safety seat of the fake children?

Child safety seat, as the device to protect the safety of the baby, the safety performance is very heavy. So parents have issued by the authority to view the seat safety certification mark, the current gain is widely acknowledged that regulations issued by the United Nations economic commission for Europe, namely ECER44/04 laws and regulations, but at present domestic mostly 3 c authentication.

3.In addition, considering the installation of the product, work, convenient operation, after-sales service and other factors, parents also can according to oneself be fond of, choose to have certification, mature market brand products, and buy from the official channels.

4.What is better than a short - age seat versus a long - age one?

The short age seat is designed to fit the characteristics of the baby in that age. So it's very targeted. And the long age group will give full consideration to age range, big, medium, baby's different characteristic, so general use is stronger, also more economy. Parents can combine their own baby's needs and economic abilities.

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