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The danger of winter coat in the baby car seat

Winter brings cold weather and potentially slick roads, but families still need to travel every day. We bundle up our children to help them brave the elements, but a bulky coat and a baby car seat can be a dangerous combination. 

In a collision, this would allow the child’s body to move too much before the harness starts to restrain the child, which reduces the safety of the seat considerably.

If a child was wearing a thick coat on a previous journey and is wearing something less bulky on the next journey, it is doubly important to check the harness fits snugly. If more than two fingers can fit between the child's chest and the harness, it is too loose.

When you do need to take a baby in a car, always use an approved rearward-facing baby seat that is properly fitted, but avoid taking very young babies, especially premature and low-birth weight babies, on long journeys.

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