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 Recently released Chinese star reality show "Where's the Dad?" Season 5 has attracted a large number of old powder return and the new fans love ~ most of the reason is because Jordan Jordan with his son entered the big screen. Jordan Chan  did not expect to actually rub a son's heat, worth doubled, the popularity of straight up. Mengbo Jasper is the strength of the ring powder, with his sensible, caring, filial piety many fans like him brought a lot of joy and laughter, but in the most recent program recording, found a detail, it is Worried about this little cute baby.

 When Jordan and Jasper drove to the meeting point with Jasper, they saw that Jasper was no longer using a high-chair child safety seat, instead used a booster car seat, but one action of Jasper was to expose 

the booster car seat isn't Suitable. Jasper sat down, his seatbelt buckled around his neck, and Jasper pulled his hand gently, twisting his body from time to time.

asper's height may not have reached the required booster car seat requirements! Age is not a measure of the replacement of the use of safety seat standards, small Jasper height and weight did not reach the height of the use of booster car seat ~ Now ride will make him feel uncomfortable ~ Recommended for Jasper buy height and weight safety seat yo ~

And contrast Jasper's good friend Hum King, chose a suitable high-back child safety seat, not only safe but also looks very enjoyable and comfortable.

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