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Two common mistakes when use the stroller

Every mummy and daddy will use stroller for their lovely babies. But some of them will make 2 common mistakes which will make their baby in the dangerous condition. Let's see what mistake they will do.

Mistake 1:  never use the brakes

Today's strollers use universal wheels for convenience. The universal wheels make the stroller run more smoothly. When Mom and Dad push the stroller on the road and need to stop, please do brake the wheels firstly to avoid the stroller slip freely. We have also seen a lot of news about tragedy, because parents did not step on the brakes, the stroller slided to the center of the road.

Solution: When buy a stroller, please check its brake function. When docking the stroller, please brake the wheels and double check if they are locked well.

Mistake 2:  do not fasten the stroller's seat belt

When using a stroller, most parents do not have the awareness of the baby's seat belt, which is the premise of the danger. When the baby is not wearing a seat belt, the baby can easily fall from the pram in the event of a rollover accident.It is dangerouse for baby.

Solution: When go out please fasten your baby with a seat belt to ensure that your baby will not be taken out.

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